How the Smartest Lawn and Landscape Business Owners Are Mastering Their Money Today!

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A Message for Lawn & Landscape Business Owners Only

Really? You want to talk about Money? In Public? With a group of lawn & landscape business owners? Yes, I’m going to talk about money right now. Your money, your company’s money and especially your FUTURE money.

Unfortunately, many of us are NOT taught about money. Certainly not in school. Rarely by our families. And if you ask your accountant about FUTURE money…here’s what they say – I’m not sure, It depends – all the receipts aren’t in yet. With all due respect to my CPA friends... they live in the past! They’re historians for crying out loud! They help keep the financial facts of YOUR past!

That’s too bad. Because the FUTURE is where your BEST & BIGGEST money is coming from. A lack of money in your life causes all sorts of painful conditions. Sure, daily worry & stress about paying bills can be painful. But much worse than that… is feeling confused about money - feeling trapped or stuck in a struggle to provide everything you & your family needs…in the FUTURE.

Personally, I believe that No One who has the courage to start a business should ever feel trapped or stuck or confused by a lack of money. It was optimism and hope about your FUTURE that started the business. So, if you’ve ever felt trapped, stuck or confused or even held hostage by a lack of MONEY, let’s fix it. The good news is simple. The more money you have, the more likely you’ll get very comfortable talking about it. Especially when you understand it.

Hello. My name is Tony Bass. And if you and I haven’t talked about money before, well, we’re about to have candid conversation about money. Your money. And we’re going to discover together:

• Where Your money comes from (it's not where you think)
• The shortest path to get more of it
• 3 proven money killers you must avoid at all cost
• How to Master Your Money

And so…if you have you ever looked at your current bank balance and gotten a sick feeling in your stomach… You’ll be glad you’re here. Or if you have you pulled up your company profit and loss statement – but the bottom line was a disappointment… You’ll be glad you’re here! Or just perhaps you’re looking at your company’s Balance Sheet and you feel confused about growing debts, huge accounts receivables, very little cash and a net worth that indicates you’ll never be in a position to retire comfortably…. We’ll I’m glad you’re here. Because I want you to learn how to fix these MONEY problems once and for all using your single greatest asset – Your Lawn, Landscape, Irrigation, Tree Service or Snow Removal Business!

So join me on the upcoming Webinar – exclusively for owners of lawn & landscape companies who want to make sure they have the best money plan possible.

You’ll learn where YOUR money REALLY comes from (and it’s not where you think). You’ll learn the fastest system to get more of it – and believe me – this technique does not require any special software – complicated processes – or outside help – this is something you can do with paper and pencil sitting inside your home. You’ll be glad you joined me when I explain the 3 proven money killers that you MUST avoid at all cost if you really want MONEY to become an abundant resource in your FUTURE. And the only way I know about these proven money killers is because I faced them myself…and destroyed them. I destroyed them for me and my family and I’ve personally taught over a thousand other lawn and landscape business owners how to destroy the money killers in their life.

And last – but certainly not least – I’m going to share How the Smartest Lawn & Landscape Business Owners in North America are Mastering Their Money today.

It’s the most gratifying work I’ve ever had the chance to do. And you’re invited. So go ahead right now. Reserve your seat on the upcoming webinar. The Lawn & Landscape Business Owner’s Guide To Getting More Money! But please note – I’m only allowing the first 100 to join me and we reserve the right to revoke your registration if you do not own a lawn or landscape related business. We take our work very seriously and we reserve the right to limit access to anyone who misrepresents themselves.