The Simple Actions my Clients take to find Love Later in Life ... (Simply by coming back to being their true authentic self and showing up with confidence and certainty in their next relationship.)

Presented By Tanya Unkovich

Tanya Unkovich is an international speaker, author, personal and executive coach.

She has been known as “more than just a mentor”, as she has helped hundreds of individuals make personal transformation in their lives, find love again and live a fulfilled life.

September 19
Thursday, September 19 4:00 AM Auckland

On this free masterclass, you'll discover:

  • The four simple actions my clients are using to learn how to come back to being their true authentic self, gain clarity, and be open to love again.
  • How they see changes in their personal confidence, allowing them to break past patterns that are simply not working for them, and now show up with certainty in every area of their lives.
  • Why believing that "if only you tried harder", is NOT the way to have a fulfilling relationship, or life.
  • The pain-free strategies they use to break free from the repeated patterns in relationships that leave them financially strained, feeling disempowered and now regaining control in their lives...both personally and professionally.
  • And, how they do ALL this, even if for years they've struggled with their self-esteem and not known how to meet their own needs in relationships, or in life.