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Getting to Know Marianne Schlegelmilch: One of America's Most Gifted Writers

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Marianne Schlegelmilch

In between watching snowshoe hares eat her trees from the bottom, moose eat them from the top, and chipping glaciers from ice dams off her driveway, Marianne spends her long Homer winters writing books. Marianne loves Alaska and she loves to write. Marianne says, “As I breathe, I write.” She is the author of 12 published book.

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What You're Going To Learn

  • Marianne’s readers are Americans or lovers of America and particularly of Alaska.
  • Marianne’s readers appreciate a well-told story and love an ending they could not predict.
  • Marianne’s readers gives honest feedback and spread the word about their reading experience.
  • Marianne’s readers are pure independents looking for an author who is just like them.
  • Marianne’s readers are the independent souls inside us all.
  • Why Marianne’s readers say, “Please send me a feather.”
  • Why Marianne’s readers say “Now I can’t go anywhere without seeing feathers.”
  • Why Marianne’s readers put Alaska on their personal bucket list.
  • Why Marianne’s readers say “I never saw Alaska that way until I read your books.”
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