Do You Want to End the Screaming, Tantrums, and Meltdowns, and Get Your Child with SPD to LISTEN Without the Fight?

Limited Time Free Training

Discover 3 Myths (most therapists and doctors don’t know!) that Prevent Your
Child from THRIVING with Sensory Processing


May 28th

12:00 AM Pacific, 3:00 AM Eastern

Luiza Coscia
Luiza Coscia Parenting Coach
Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Learn:
  • The 3 surprising myths that keep parents frustrated, exhausted, and fighting with their kids with SPD
  • The real reason your child with SPD behaves the way he/she does
  • How to raise WELL-BEHAVED, RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, and HAPPY kids without having to discipline and lose your cool
  • How to live a Life THRIVING with SPD and actually ENJOYING your child
  • The secret to a lot less chaos and tons more PEACE, JOY, and QUALITY TIME in your home


Will D

"I think you should really consider Luiza's service and coaching because she provides you with really good value". Will D.

"You're very raw, authentic and genuine and it shows your heart and how you ache for other families to grow also so they can be successful." Lydia S.

Lydia S.
"Luiza is amazing at understanding the problem and empathizing with both the parent's and the child's struggles, and explaining methods that will overcome the issues. Luiza's ideas to help with my 17 year old son are amazing and very smart". Heidi B.

“Luiza is full of ideas to help teach children to be the best they can be ... and ways of talking with children that highly regard the child's perspective on so many levels." Karen P.

“Luiza teaches parents to understand what their kids are feeling and thinking, which gives you grace to deal with and care for them in those moments. I also LOVED your vulnerability.” Ernest S.

"You are obviously a Mom dealing with these difficulties every day." Sarah S.

"Incredibly impactful ... groundbreaking" Kari L.

"Luiza brings so much value to parents and families" Rachel M.

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