"Discover the 3 Costly Mistakes
(Even Experienced Women Make)
That Guarantee People Say NO
to Your Products and Opportunity..."

Join Sonia Stringer (business coach and mentor to 550,000 women in network marketing) for this FREE WEBINAR training and discover:

  • 3 common mistakes that are costing you a LOT in missed sales and recruiting opportunities
  • 3 "magic formulas" that can help you boost your sales 25-60% and recruit 4 biz partners every month
  • What to say so people ask YOU for info on your business opportunity
  • What messages to use on Facebook to convert contacts into customers and new leaders

By the end of this webinar, you’ll know exactly how to sell more products and grow your team (without feeling sales-y or uncomfortable).

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This simple and elegant approach is making a BIG difference in women's sales and recruiting results - here's just a sample...

Yvonne Holcomb · Eagan, Minnesota

WOW, I just tried out the "magic words" and I got 4 positive responses in a day!

Darlene Gaetz · Lloydminster Comprehensive

I used Magic Words when sharing in a group on the internet, and 18 people just asked me for more info on my business!

Erin Ryan · University of Manitoba

I was totally skeptical, but just used the Magic Words and got a positive response from 2 people who previously told me NO. Thank you Sonia!

Roxanne Pinché · Senior Sales Coordinator at Self-Employed

The Magic Words do work and quickly. My conversion to the next step of personal one on one/phone calls is up 40%. Love it and will be training my team on this!

Shannon Reavley · Consultant at Nucerity International

BOOM! When using words and inviting people. I'm getting YES 80% of the time. Thank you Sonia, exciting times ahead!

Tiffanie Harris · consultant at Arbonne International

After using this Magic Words approach my last meeting, I had a 100% closing rate. 100! Everyone needs to listen to this!

Odell Cohens Jr. · Gold Executive at Zija International

WOW – have you overdelivered in this webinar, with no fluff! I just want to say thank you for all the amazing info. You filled in a ton of small holes! Sonia, you are the BOMB DOT COM.

Trudy Roberts Smith · Caddo Mills, Texas

I used Magic Words right after watching this webinar and had 40% of the people sign up to purchase from me. Thank you!

Diane Beth Hendricks · Works at Diane Hendricks

Sonia, I just want you to know I used the Magic Words on a social media post and immediately got a new customer. I’m so excited as I’ve been in a bit of a dry-spell lately. Thank you so much!

Gina Berini Smudski · Independent Consultant at Rodan + Fields

I just used Magic Words on my FB posts and got TWO new customers and ONE new business partner. I KNEW I was missing something and this is EXACTLY what I needed. THANK YOU again.

Heather Turn Kern · Works at DoTERRA International

I used Magic Words on Facebook and got TWO responses – with phone numbers! Super excited to add this to everything I do. Thanks Sonia!

Sara Fraser · Area Manager, Independent Consultant at Arbonne

I used Magic Words and just got 6 classes booked on my calendar. I have no doubt I can now join others at the top of my company, thanks Sonia for spelling this out!

Coco De Rosiers · VO Talent & producer at Professional Voice Over

Sonia – this webinar answered all the questions I’ve been begging my upline for in the past 7 months! I LOVE this – thank you!

Madeline Tavares · Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Sonia, I shared the magic words ideas with my team and they’ve had SEVERAL Ah-ha moments! Thanks for the worksheets you provided and giving me something really tangible to help them prosper!

Julie Marcher · Consultant at Rodan and Fields

I absolutely love Magic Words! One prospect I was speaking with literally interrupted me when I was using your sentences and asked “Are you hiring?” Thank you for everything you do for this profession, Magic Words is clearly the secret sauce!

Meet Your Coach Sonia Stringer

Sonia StringerSonia Stringer is a professional speaker and business coach whose been working with women in network marketing and direct sales for over 20 years.

She is the founder of “Savvy Network Marketing Women.com” — an on-line community that currently supports over 550,000 women (from every major company and all levels of experience) to “make more money and a bigger difference for other people” through their network marketing/direct sales businesses.

Sonia is known as THE expert in “elegant influence” and has helped thousands of women become extremely effective at selling, sponsoring and bringing out the best in their teams (without having to be pushy or sales-y). Her heart-centered, authentic approach resonates deeply with savvy women who want to create financial freedom and a high-quality lifestyle for themselves and their families.

A former National Sales Trainer with peak performance expert Anthony Robbins, Sonia is a regular contributor and faculty member of “Networking Times” magazine, and has also spoken at several national company conventions.

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