Discover The 3 Costly Mistakes Even Experienced Women Make That Guarantee People Say NO to Your Product and Opportunity
In this FREE Webinar With Sonia Stringer, You'll Discover...
  • What women are saying to boost biz volume 25-60% and recruit 4-6 leaders a month
  • How 1 small change in what you say to prospects makes a HUGE difference in the value people see in your opportunity (and how excited they get to take action and join your team).
  • How to describe your business in a way that gets people's attention. When you do this effectively, people will actually ask YOU for more information on your opportunity.
  • The exact words and key phrases women are using with their prospects that are making such a huge difference in their recruiting results.

This Simple "Magic Words" Approach Is Making A BIG Difference In People's Sales And Recruiting Results:

Best of all, this approach is very elegant, authentic and "heart-felt" (so you don't have to be pushy or sales-y to be very effective at recruiting).

If you're tired of people not taking you seriously or feeling frustrated because your team isn't growing fast enough — you're going to love what you learn.

You'll be able to turn "just not interested" prospects into people who are keen to check out your biz (and excited to join your team).

Many other women are using this approach to great success, and boosting their biz 25-60% and recruiting 4-6 leaders in a month (so I'm confident this will work for you too!).

Remember, it's absolutely FREE to join me (and you can access this training from anywhere in the world, with your computer or mobile device).

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I know this is going to help you turn "skeptics" into people who love your products and are excited to be part of your team!

I look forward to seeing you soon on the webinar,


P.S. I know it's sometimes a stretch to carve out time to attend sessions like this; if you do — I know you'll be SO glad you did.

I absolutely guarantee this free webinar is chock full of several new ideas that can make recruiting new leaders so much easier for you.

You'll get detailed handouts with notes, and leave with several new ideas you can use right away to build a larger team.

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Meet Your Host Sonia Stringer

Sonia Stringer is a professional speaker and business coach whose been working with women in network marketing and direct sales for over 20 years.

She is the founder of “Savvy Network Marketing” — an on-line community that currently supports over 500,000 women (from every major company and all levels of experience) to “make more money and a bigger difference for other people” through their network marketing/direct sales businesses.

Sonia is known as THE expert in “elegant influence” and has helped thousands of women become extremely effective at selling, sponsoring and bringing out the best in their teams (without having to be pushy or sales-y). Her heart-centered, authentic approach resonates deeply with savvy women who want to create financial freedom and a high-quality lifestyle for themselves and their families.

A former National Sales Trainer with peak performance expert Anthony Robbins, Sonia is a regular contributor and faculty member of “Networking Times” magazine, and has also spoken at several national company conventions.

She is also the catalyzing force that launched “Women United for Change” — a movement led by women in network marketing and direct sales companies that is helping women in developing countries change their lives, through entrepreneurship.
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