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  • The step-by-step game plan our clients are using to build a strong, healthy and visibly glowing body without the guesswork.
  • Why fad diets are the WORST possible way to get fit and healthy... And how our clients effortlessly make the switch to an ethical and health-boosting vegan lifestyle.
  • How our clients fuel their body for maximum health and energy and mental clarity that lasts through even the busiest of days!
  • And, how they do all of this without worrying about counting macros, getting enough nutrients or feeling like they have to kiss their favorite foods goodbye just because they went vegan!

The Presenter: Ella Magers, MSW

Sexy Fit Vegan® founder Ella Magers is a 22-year vegan veteran and transformational coach. Ella has dedicated her life to helping clients all over the world get fit and healthy with an ethical and empowered way of life.

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