Ella Magers, MSW Presents

The 5-Step Master Plan My Clients Use to Easily Adopt a Fit, Vegan Lifestyle...

Without Feeling Restricted or Relying on Will Power

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Ella Magers, MSW

Ella Magers, MSW

Founder & CEO, Sexy Fit Vegan®

Ella Magers, MSW has been a transformational coach for over 15 years. She is featured regularly in the media as an expert on veganism, wellness, fitness, and empowerment. Ella is a published author and speaker, who has conducted workshops across the globe. In addition to her fitness and wellness certifications, Ella earned her Master's Degree in Social Work to further her coaching skills.

With 23 years as an ethical vegan under her belt, Ella has found extraordinary success empowering people to align their lifestyle with their values, create an empowered mindset, and build a healthy relationship with food, their bodies, and themselves. She strives help people achieve not only a happy and healthy life, but also a meaningful life.

In This Powerful Free Master Class You Will Learn...

The step-by-step game plan my clients are using to build a strong, healthy and visibly glowing body without the guesswork.

Why fad diets are the WORST possible way to get fit and healthy... And how my clients effortlessly make the switch to a health-boosting vegan lifestyle without feeling restricted.

How to align your actions with your values instead of trying to use will power to make food choices (and then beating yourself up when your will power runs out).

How to break the pattern of self-sabotoge so you can finally have power over food instead of food having power over you.

And, how my clients do all of this without worrying about tracking macros, getting enough nutrients, or feeling like they have to kiss their favorite foods goodbye just because they went vegan!

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Tuesday, September 25th

6:00 AM Pacific,
9:00 AM Eastern

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