The 5-Step "Minimalist" Method Our Clients Use to Shed The Unwanted Weight And Skyrocket Their Confidence, Energy, And Performance

(without having to do crazy diets or go to a gym!)

Presented by

Ivan Nikolov

Ivan Nikolov is a top-level functional athlete and mentor. Ivan specializes in helping busy professionals who have been out of shape for months, years, or even decades, lose weight and keep it off permanently. His clients get into the best shape of their lives - or better - without sacrificing work or family time, and without giving up "normal" life.

Ivan is the Creator of the Minimalist Fitness Protocol™ Lifestyle Methodology.

During this Training you will discover:
  • The simple 5-step methodology that's helping our busy clients go from being overweight and living in shame to being totally comfortable in their own skin, on fire, and ready to take on the world...
  • Why doing "impossible" diets and training one hour a day IS NOT a good strategy for shedding the excess weight and how our clients get in great shape without dieting and doing hours of cardio every day...
  • The secret to staying fit long-term and how our clients avoid getting stuck and bouncing right back before reaching their goal...
  • How our clients go from "avoiding at all cost" to saying "yes" to activities and events that were out of the question less than 60 days prior...
  • And... how our clients manage to achieve ALL of this with ease even if they are working long hours from home, spending long days in the office, or even traveling all the time.

July 19


1:00 PM




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