The 5 Secrets My Successful Clients Use To Finally Get A Head-Turning Body

(without doing crazy diets, counting calories, insane exercise programs and banning carbs....)

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Leslie Chen

Founder of Rice Lean, Body & Health Coach for Busy Women

"In 2017, I helped 513 women across the United States and United Kingdom to lose weight based on principles of integrity, simplicity, and sustainability. It was incredibly inspiring to see how the simple wisdom from my hometown in Asia ended up completely changing people's bodies.

The truth is: when REAL weight loss happens, it happens FAST.

This webinar captures the most essential lessons for that outcome, with the exact actionable steps you can take immediately to make it happen quickly!"

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January 25
Saturday, January 25 6:35 PM Pacific / 9:35 PM Eastern

During this Webinar you will learn:

  • The exact step-by-step method to put weight loss on autopilot while working incredibly less.
  • Why the mainstream diets are preventing you from losing the weight permanently…and how to ditch dieting and the gym while seeing real, automatic weight loss right away.
  • The secret my clients are using to naturally eliminate the cravings so that they can feel calm, relaxed, and free around the dessert that used to be insanely addictive to them...even if they haven't been able to make peace with cravings for a decade.
  • The strategy my clients are using to shrink their bodies fast...while indulging in carbs and delicious, satisfying meals every single day.
  • How my clients never need to worry about the weight creeping back after they have lost it all. (It's almost ridiculous how few women know the REAL how!)
  • AND...How to do all of the above while having the stunning confidence and feeling VIBRANT, ATTRACTIVE, and WANTED…even if it’s George Clooney you are dating.

WARNING: This Webinar May Result In The Following...

the little-black-dress body, STUNNING confidence, more money earned, a lover to bring home this Christmas, more toe-curling intimacy moments, a crazy ton of selfies, and a whole new wardrobe....

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