Paul Gough

FREE TRAINING: "Step By Step, How I Doubled Profits At My PT Practice"
(even though insurance companies cut my rates in half!)

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This week Paul Gough – founder of the PT Profit Academy and Owner of 4 successful cash physical therapy clinics - is hosting a series of FREE online training sessions where he’ll reveal how he DOUBLED profits at his practice even though insurance companies slashed his reimbursement rates by half, over night!

If you’re an In-network, cash or Hybrid owner, you’ll discover the same strategy he now teaches to many PT Owners across the US – each making more profits at their practice while spending less on Marketing.

here's just some of what
you'll discover on this FREE TRAINING:
  • The 7-step-strategy to grow your PT Clinic profits without wasting money on Marketing – this took me years to develop, you’ll have it minutes

  • The “In-Network Success Secret”: How to make more profit – even if insurance companies cut your rates (…there’s just one thing you need to do and it works in every State)

  • The “Cash Clinic Success Secret”: What to say - and two things to ASK - to ensure you’re getting a “YES” from people happy to pay $170 + out of pocket

  • “Drop Offs” - the one single sentence to say to keep patients ON schedule, even if they try to drop off or cancel!

  • How to add 30% to the value of each patient you screen - just by following these 5 steps…

    And so much more on the 100% FREE training!…

WARNING: Space is limited and these trainings always fill up because they are significantly better that the information others charge you thousands for... even though they are free.

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

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