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LinkedIn Client Funnel

CEO LinkedSelling

Josh Turner

COO LinkedSelling

Ben Kniffen

What You'll Learn


You'll discover a complete system that is going to help you generate consistent leads, while at the same time giving you a drip marketing system so your prospects won't forget about you when the time is right. (On average, our clients and students generate over 2,000 prospect leads per year using this system.)

I'm going to call out the bullshit that some of the "gurus" would like you to believe, and show you the truth about what really works on LinkedIn.


You'll discover a unique four-step formula for attracting customers that allows you to only attract motivated prospects who know the value of what you're offering, and are predisposed to trust you.

And 3 complete systems that I'll be teaching you including:


The 3 Pillars of any successful LinkedIn strategy: Positioning, Messaging, and Systems.  You'll learn what they are, see live examples / case studies of each, and how to implement them.


The Case Study Strategy: How to use a simple 6 step process to pull new leads and clients off of LinkedIn almost any time you want or need them.


The "Rick Hunter" Process: This 3 phase messaging system generates quality referrals and long-lasting business relationships that have lead to some of our client's biggest deals to date.


These are the same systems that companies like Microsoft and Mind Valley, and people like Neil Patel and Lisa Sasevich, as well as hundreds of other amazing businesses have hired us to implement for them.

BONUS: All registrants will receive a replay link, however, only attendees will have access to 3 special bonuses.  You have to show up to have access to these bonuses!

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