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Macular degeneration can be reversed!

I have been working on a special Webinar the last 6 months to review all the latest treatments and prevention of macular degeneration. There is so much new information that I want share with you. Here is a sample of items covered in the webinar.

1) How genetic testing can help you fight macular degeneration.
2) Injections for wet macular degeneration are not the best choice and should be avoided in most cases.
3) Learn simple home treatments that can strengthen your eyes.
4) What are the best omega oils to help reverse vision loss
5) What are the latest studies regarding microcurrent and macular degeneration?
6) How is your gut and digestion related to good vision?
7) A new IV protocol to reverse neurological damage.
Much much more!

Please join me for this special webinar and receive 2 free gifts worth $44.90!
1) Copy of my best selling book, Ten Essentials to Save Your Sight.
2) Special Report, Watergate of Eye Care! The serious problems with injections

Join me and begin to save your vision!

Dr. Edward Kondrot