How To Be You

Authenticity In Life And Leadership

Discover the five step strategy my clients use to become authentic leaders. And show up powerfully at work and in life comfortable and confident with who they are.  

If you want to raise your emotional intelligence.  

If you want to cope with conflict.  

If you want to increase your productivity.  

If you want to build better relationships.  

If you want to improve your communication skills.  

If you want to overcome stress, aniexty and increase your well-being.  

And you want to have the confidence to move towards your goals.  

Then you need to become more authentic because the truth is there are many barriers to improving your self, but so often these barriers are outside of your experience and thus outside of your control.  

Thus the secret to achieving long lasting success across your life isn't to look outside of you. It is to dismantle the barriers within you to becoming authentic so you can tap into your unique strengths.

During this FREE training, you'll learn...  

  • The five shifts my clients made to cultivate authenticity and get the confidence to lead and live life on their own terms.  
  • Why becoming authentic helps you to stop struggling with your emotions giving you more energy to engage fully with your life and career.  
  • How authenticity helps you let go of limiting beliefs once and for all.  
  • A simple but powerful exercise to understand what your values are and what is important in your life.  
  • Why being open and accepting of your emotions and thoughts reduces feelings of stress and anxiety for good.  


I'm a certified coach who blends my 25 years of management and leadership experience with 35 years of research into human behaviour. Helping you overcome your limiting beliefs and lead and live life on your terms.

Gary is a life and career coach for women in STEAM careers

Getting promoted, earning more money, changing career, building better relationships, changing habits, or starting their own business. Gary has helped women all over the world to improve themselves and reach their goals.  

What Others Are Saying  

“Gary is an excellent coach. He will always make sure to listen to what you really need. He has the ability to read between the lines and help you find your roadblocks."  

Catherine (Australia) Research Fellow, Curtin University  

"Gary is a very dedicated, flexible, reliable, and trustworthy coach who helped me focus on my personal values to become a better leader and communicator. It was a great inspiration, and pleasure working with him."  

Bianka (Germany) Head of Communications  

“Gary is certainly the coach you need for your professional development. He is sharp, constructive and always comes with concrete tools to implement the change you want to make. Definitively worth it.”  

Coline (Belgium) Manager Public Affairs and Sustainability