How to Eliminate EMFs So You Can Sleep, Focus, and
Get Your Energy Back
(without having to live off the grid or swear off technology forever)
Friday, December 6th
10:00 AM Pacific. 12:00 PM Central. 1:00 PM Eastern.
  • The 5 Critical Strategies and the simple, no-overwhelm proven process my clients use to successfully reduce EMFs in the home to ensure the best night's sleep.
  • How you're surrounded by the EMF fields that are draining your energy 24/7 (that you don't even know about!) and what you need to do to reclaim your energy back.
  • How these invisible fields in your home are triggering inflammation, disrupting sleep cycles, and actually making hyperactivity and existing sensitivities worse.
  • The #1 biggest mistake most people make when attempting to DIY their home's toxicity. Warning: Ignoring this means you're missing 80% of the EMF fields wreaking havoc on the home.
  • Why you need to treat each EMF field separately and how you can make simple changes in your home that will get you better sleep and more energy.
EMF Masterclass
Risa Suzuki - EMF Expert
Risa Suzuki is a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and EMF Expert who specializes in removing harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the home. She is known for getting her clients better sleep, increased energy and productivity (and even getting their kiddos to sleep through the night!)
Friday, December 6th
10:00 AM Pacific. 12:00 PM Central. 1:00 PM Eastern.
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