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The 5-Step Strategy Smart, Professional Women Use to Build Unshakeable Confidence, Earn Respect in the Workplace, and Get up to 30% Pay Raises  

(without ever being seen as “too aggressive”)

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  • The step-by-step strategy my female clients use again and again to increase their salaries by up to 30%, gain the acknowledgement and respect they deserve in the workplace, and build confidence in the value they deliver.

  • How to build rock solid confidence that shatters the barriers of being underpaid, under appreciated, or underutilized without having to act like someone you’re not.

  • The proven “secret weapon” that most women don’t even know they have to be strong self-advocates, even if they don't like competition or conflict.

  • The two to three small tweaks to your workday that can allow you to navigate your career exactly where you want it to go without having to "rock the boat."


  • AND how to do all of this without worrying that you'll be perceived as greedy, selfish, or overly-demanding.  

Presented by Heather Mills

Heather Mills is a negotiation expert for women, class action attorney, and founder of Women Who Ask, a company that helps women negotiate for what they want in their careers. She's helped hundreds of women successfully negotiate meaningful promotions, pay raises, and career breakthroughs.

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