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You will walk away from this Training ready to break the cycle and find your purpose now. You will learn:

  • Attract Opportunities: Want amazing opportunities, experiences and people flocking to you? Try this ONE technique I use with ALL my clients.
  • Create an Abundant Lifestyle: Don't let life just happen, instead effortlessly create & live a life of purpose by using a simple, yet powerful tool. Create & dominate life!
  • Breaking The Cycle: My strategy to break free from limiting, destructive beliefs that anyone can do. It IS possible to create freedom in your personal & professional life.
  • Find Your Purpose NOW: No longer live life doing unfulfilling, everyday work - start living your true purpose & passion in this life now!
  • No More Struggling: Exactly how to AVOID the 6 major mistakes people make that keep them stuck and struggling for months. 

Places are limited to 100 attendees

“I realised my passion for song writing was more than a hobby!”

I realised my passion for song writing was more than a hobby and finally allowed myself to acknowledge I had a talent that I could be proud of not shy away from in fear of overshadowing someone else's lack of confidence. I changed my relationship with my family just by doing the work on myself and changing perceptions to past events & people personas (this one was huge) to feeling connected and healed from old wounds.  

I found my passion, purpose, confidence and desire to help people that has enabled me to set up my own Transformational Life coaching business using skills I had acquired but wasn’t sure how to utilise as a home business until this programme. 

Leigh Beeby, Transformational Life Coach & Singer Song Writer  

“My life has done a complete 360 turnaround”  

I was at a point in my life where I hated my job and I needed to identify my passion and purpose and to create a plan to retire, and I wanted to practice more self love. So I decided to invest in myself and do the programme. My life has done a complete 360 turnaround. It’s been amazing, I have learnt new practices which I have built into my life. I feel part of a whole new supportive community ( of friends and like minded people), and I love my job now and life. I know I need to be by the sea and I am taking actions to get there. It also highlighted other stuff which came up and I dealt with these. 

Ruth Dollen 

“You’ll be amazed by just how different life can be”

My confidence has rocketed as I am learning to trust in myself, work through challenges and take pride in my achievements. I now have inner peace – yes life still throws you curve balls, but nothing keeps me down for long! Louisa is an amazing coach & mentor! She is able to reinterpret what you think and say to uncover deep-rooted issues. She instinctively knows when to offer her insight, when others can offer theirs, and when the answer already lies within yourself. If you are looking for passion and purpose in your life, you will be amazed by just how different life can be. It’s an emotional rollercoaster with highs and lows, shedding layer upon layer to reveal your true inner core. It’s been there all along, just crying out to be heard!

Alison Duggan  

Presented By

Louisa Havers

Transformational Life & Business Coach, Advanced Pranic Healer & Energy Alignment Method Mentor  

Louisa Havers - is the creator of 'Your Impassioned Life' - a transformational life coaching programme for men and women to have the energy & freedom to be themselves in their relationships and do work they love, even if they don't know what that is yet.; and the creator of 'Soulful Business Mastery' for Coaches to create a soulful business that supports both themselves and the Clients they are here to serve.  

Louisa is one of the first 22 Energy Alignment Method Mentors in the world, a Pranic Healer and an International Life & Business Coach. 

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