Five Shifts My Clients Made To Feel Better, Gain Confidence, And Enjoy Life Free From The Control Of Smoking And Tobacco(Even If They Couldn't Imagine Life Without It)

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“I wanted to quit smoking. I tried all the different types of things NicoDerm gum, all that stuff. Going into it, I didn't believe that it was going to help me. I really didn't. Six years or so, I've been smoke free. Between me and one of my other friends, we must have referred over 30 people to Marti to stop smoking.”

- Jim Woods

Marti Daly

Marti is a Smoking/Tobacco Cessation Strategist and creator of Smoke Free U. For the past 10 years she’s been helping her clients become free from their smoking or tobacco habits. With her support and guidance, those same clients who formerly believed they couldn’t stop smoking or chewing tobacco are able to tap into their amazing power to succeed. By the time they finish the program, they not only believe in their ability to end their tobacco habit for good, they actually do.

August 12
Wednesday, August 12 6:00 AM Pacific / 9:00 AM Eastern

During this Webinar you will learn:

  • The top 5 mistakes that people make in their thinking when trying to quit smoking (you’ve been told the wrong ways), and the one CRUCIAL TRUTH you need to know to successfully quit.
  • Why the “tried and true” stop smoking methods FAIL you and leave you feeling frustrated, powerless, and controlled by cigarettes.
  • The real reason my clients kept picking smoking back up again and again…and how I helped them change that…even if they thought they’d miss their familiar “old friend.”
  • Why waiting until you’re “really ready” to quit is the #1 way to end up stuck on the couch, missing out on the activities you love, smelling like old cigarettes…and how my clients do it instead even if they’re not sure that the timing is right.
  • How you’ll be able to handle stress and anxiety in healthier ways instead of leaning on cigarettes and tobacco as a crutch to cope with life’s stresses.
  • …and how to do all this without uncomfortable cravings or urges for cigarettes or tobacco.


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