“Texas Dentist (First Of Many To Be) Threatened To Be Sued In Federal Court For Non-American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant Website. 3 Things You Need To Know"

  • Right now your website is virtually guaranteed to NOT be ADA compliant!
  • Often these suits get settled for... $50,000 – $75,000
  • They are specifically targeting dentists because they know you’re NOT compliant with the American Disabilities Act standards on your website and you don’t have deep corporate pockets to fight back, so you’ll just cave and settle."


And the response from the Texas Dental Association to their members regarding the very REAL ramifications for those dentists who are found NON-Compliant. Regarding what to do if their members receive a notice or letter they said...

"In this instance you have a few options; 1) You can ignore the letter but run the risk of being sued. Just because you are sued does not mean you have actually done anything wrong. Each case is unique and there is the possibility that you'll prevail. Still, its' expensive to dismiss or win a lawsuit and recover attorney's fees...."

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Discover The Immediate Action To Take If...

  •  You receive a demand letter regarding ADA compliance
  •  You have already been sued for NON Compliance with the Federal Laws governing your website and ADA compliance
  •  You don’t know if your website is Americans with Disabilities Act Compliant
  •  You know your website is NON compliant and want to bring it into compliance immediately
  •  You must Understand Your Rights
  •  You want to Avoid A Federal Lawsuit If Possible… 

Urgent: Frivolous Attorneys Are Targeting Dentists For Lack Of Compliance With Federal Law

No Matter What You May Have Heard... Lack Of Compliance With The ADA Title III Act Regarding The Internet (YOUR WEBSITE) is not a hoax, It is not a scam. It’s 100% REAL & You Need To Know… The FACTS, Your RIGHTS & What To Do If You Are Out Of Compliance

DOJ established that Americans With Disabilities Act applies to the Internet Image

Here’s The Story In A Nutshell:

The Department Of Justice has demonstrated that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to the internet and that blind people in particular MUST be able to access and understand your website. Failure to have a website that does not work with their “blind readers” or other means of accessing your site is just as much in violation of the ADA as if you didn’t have handicapped accessible bathrooms.

Once this word of this came out, attorneys all over the country began sending letters on behalf of their disabled clients to dentists (and other companies) demanding a sizeable payment in exchange for silence or they threaten to sue you in Federal court. The letters seem to come so far out of left field that some dentists have mistakenly written them off as a “scam” and simply ignored them. This decision for several who’ve ignored them has been nothing but trouble.

This Unprecedented “FREE Online Town Meeting” is our way of giving back to the Dental community at large. We’ve thoroughly investigated this situation and found out….

  • What’s true
  • What’s false
  • What’s compliant
  • What’s not compliant
  • How to become compliant 
  • How to avoid being sued
  • And so much more.

Please join me at this Urgent event and together lets make sure you and no other dentists are taken advantage of anymore…. At the end of the day YOU ARE NOT EXEMPT and failure to take the appropriate action could be EXTREMELY expensive and stressful..

Urgent & FREE Online Town Meeting Event…

Discover, How To Get Out In Front Of... 

  • The Dental Lawsuit Feeding Frenzy, 
  • Figure How To Get Yourself Compliant FAST!
  • Understand Your Rights
  • Avoid A Federal Lawsuit If Possible…

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