Free Masterclass for Spiritual Coaches, Healers + Consultants

5 Secrets to Growing Your Spiritual Biz On-line (and Attracting Ideal, High-Paying Clients!) 

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Friday, December 14  

9:00 AM EST, 6:00 AM PST

  • Learn mistakes to avoid if you're just starting out in your biz
  • Find out what biz model to create so you can grow + leverage your time (while working less!)
  • Learn my step by step system for automatically being booked out with ideal clients
  • Learn the 5 secrets to busting through your blocks, embracing your gifts + attracting clients

Presented By Rachel Claire

Rachel is in love with life, and she teaches her clients how to fall in love with theirs. She is an entrepreneur, teacher, clairvoyant, and coach. Her deepest passion is helping her clients heal so they can attract the life they were born to live, free of the judgments of self and other, and the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have stood in the way. Rachel brings the very best practices and tools of coaching and psychic intuition to serve those who are ready to step fully into who they really are. Work with her is geared towards action and the tangible results that arise when perceived limitations are overcome. She helps her clients see their deepest truth, and then guides them to a place where they give their gifts to a world that desperately needs them. 

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Here's what my clients are saying...

"Her knowledge about marketing combined with her gift for healing is unique! Do not hesitate to seek her help if you feel it’s a good fit. You will not regret it. She’s a natural teacher with a compassionate flair. She knows her stuff and delivers it in detail, making herself readily available for questions, as any teacher of substance would. Her knowledge about marketing combined with her gift for healing is unique and not often found in one beautiful package."

Jan Morris

Clairaudient Reader, Artist

"Working with Rachel was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was able to accomplish every one of my goals during my time with her. Rachel was truly there for me, and has given me the best support I’ve had in years. What I believed was only going to be a working relationship turned into a friendship. Throughout the entire program, I couldn’t wait until it was time for us to talk again. I highly recommend Rachel’s program."

Anais Garcia

Intuitive Reader

"This is why I work with you and keep coming back- I can do a reading with you and gain more insight and understanding so fast, you have an ability to understand what’s going on with me energetically and get straight to that. I go to my therapist and spend 30 minutes in story, but when I’m working with you in that reading space, all of the questions get answered and its an expedited path to awareness, growth + information. I think you’re the best in the world at what you do!" 

"Rachel gets to the root of old emotional patterns and subconscious beliefs with her innate ability to ask you perfect questions. I have never experienced such quick and deep work, to make lasting changes in my perception. Rachel helps you see what you need to see. And, has helped me to feel more capable of being myself."

Jeannie Sullivan

Business Consultant

Brandi Mackenzie

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach