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How To Go From Overcommitted, Burned Out, And Resentful to Crystal Clear on What You Want
and How to Get It
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We'll walk step by step through:
  •  How to gain awareness, and use that new sense of awareness to recognize and remove the things standing in the way of creating the life you want.
  •  Distinguish the difference between nice and kind, and how one mindset shift can drastically change your relationships, and your life.
  •  The same communication tactics I use with my private clients so you can improve your relationships with your family or boss, immediately. 
  •  My 4-step system for getting the life you want, without pushing people away. 
Presented by Cheryl Dalton
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Meet Cheryl Dalton
I see hundreds of women like you burn themselves out every year because they put themselves last…

But if they had the tools and confidence to say “no," and declare what they want, they would finally claim the lives they deserve to live.

I’ve mentored hundreds of women over the past 20 years, coaching them to say “no”, so they can say “yes” to the life they choose to live. And you know what I noticed? Something interesting…

When I first met them, the vast majority said, “Oh, it’s not that bad.”

It’s “just” one more last-minute travel request from their boss.
It’s “just” one more time folding laundry and making a sandwich for their 17-year-old kid.

It’s “just” one more vacation they pay and plan for... while hating every minute of it.

Enough! This is NOT the way it has to be.

These may be “just” individual moments, but moments add up to a life. YOUR life.

Women are nurtured to be self-sacrificing, to be compliant, to be “nice” by always saying “yes.” But that doesn’t get you the life you want. It didn’t for me, and it didn’t for my clients.

That’s why we made a change.

I am here to help you start saying “no,” so you can start getting the life you want...without losing the relationships you care about or becoming someone you’re not.
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