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and Work Less with Cash-Based Automated Clinical Services

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What I'm going to show you:

  1. Cutting edge automated marketing methods which attract a steady, reliable flow of 20+ patients per month eager to pay you $2K to $6K in CASH. Escape the "insurance trap"!
  2. How to put your consultation, seminar and report of findings on autopilot so your time is not tied up and you get consistently high new patient sign-up rates.
  3. How to implement blended in-office/at-home treatment programs for chronic conditions such as Neuropathy, Knee Pain, Disc Problems, Hypothyroid and Obesity. The protocols allow doctors to achieve 85%+ success rates with their patients. Since a large part of the treatment is done at home, patients in-effect receive care every day which improves clinical outcomes and frees up you and your staff. I will show you how! 
  4. How to automate the tracking of patient progress to ensure they are getting great results and tell all of their friends about you.
  5. A proven action plan so you can implement automated clinical programs into your practice. I'll even show you how can do it on your own.
  6. How to put your patient education on autopilot. You don't have to lift a finger and you will get compliant patients getting excellent results.
  7. Step by Step on how to go virtual in your clinic
  8. Entrepreneur & Business Training
  9. Communication and Mindset Training


Dr. Aaron Gumm, D.C.
Author, National Speaker,
Blueprint to Practice Automation CEO

Dr. Gumm is a pioneer in the field of practice automation. His systems are in the use of 100's of successful clinics all across the U.S., many of which are collecting over $100K in cash per month. His approach will show how you can leverage cutting edge technology to improve patient results, dramatically increase your income and reduce overhead all while working significantly less than before. 

Dr. Josh Purcell, D.C.

"Blueprint to Practice Automation is easy. We increased our collections 65k our first month. We jumped up to 100k/month pretty quickly. One year later we just had our best month ever collecting 185k in neuropathy, knee pain, and by automating our chiropractic doctor's report. Next is weight loss. It's all fully automated! "

Dr. Anthony Bianchi, D.C.

"With this practice automation system we have brought in $80K cash collections in the last 2 weeks using an automated seminar and ROF. Our schedule is completely full. Awesome!"

Dr. Kelly Hood, D.C.

"We have been treating Neuropathy for years. Since switching to this system we are seeing patients less and getting better results! We brought in $52K last month on $1,500 spent on Facebook ads."


Previously I worked as an internist in a hospital-owned practice. I recently opened a functional medicine practice and I and I started using the Blueprint to Practice Automation program. I implemented the program by placing two ads in Sunday papers. Great news, we are needing seminars in the office twice weekly for these initial encounters, as the numbers overwhelmed us. Our closing rate is around 60% with the automated system. I really enjoy sharing how I now have a treatment program for neuropathy, rather than simply offering medications such as Gabapentin or narcotics. The clients (patients) are really excited, too, to have an alternative route to travel.

Dr. Roy Hall MD

We collected 24k in the past 10 days!

Blueprint to Practice Automation is way ahead of the curve. They are cutting-edge, always adding value to their clients, and teaching doctors how to be better entrepreneurs, we collected 24k in the past 10 days with the Blueprint to Neuropathy processes and are about to add the knee and weight loss niches ASAP! We are stoked!

Dr. Scott Watier, DC

We have increased our collections by 45k in the first month

I've been in practice for 17 years and have had several coaches and programs my entire career. This program has brought me a new outlook on chiropractic and myself as a practitioner. Your program has truly made me shift as a person and a practitioner. The style of communication completely resonates with me. We have increased our collections by 45k in the first month with the program. We have only added neuropathy and just started weight loss! Thank you for the effort that you have put into this program. Its value is immeasurable.
Seriously Blueprint to Practice Automation blows my mind. Every other company promises the world and delivers nothing. You are the exact opposite. Value after value after value, thank you!

Dr. Katie Gravesen, DC

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allowed me to scale my practice to new levels of collections

Blueprint to Practice is cutting-edge, they are great company. It's allowed me to scale my practice to new levels of collections, organization, and patient visit capacity by automating patient pre & post education. This has allowed me to step out and work on my business instead of inside of it all the time. Their drop ship model for patient care is amazing. I'm excited to continue to reach new heights in our practice and getting looking at their virtual options.

Dr. Brian Prax, DC

Looked at pretty much all the programs on the market, this is truly "plug and play"

I've been practicing for 10 years and have looked at pretty much all the programs on the market The difference between Blueprint to Practice Automation and others is that they actually are "plug and play". Most groups are selling concepts and you still have to go do all the work. Not with this program. We are using their automated weight loss, chiropractic seminar & ROF, and neuropathy. I had the ability to hand over my entire weight loss program to my staff now and we did 25k our first month. Not to mention all the staff training & entrepreneur training virtual tools they supply you with. We are excited...it's a new way to practicing and I'll never go back to my old ways.

Dr. Jason Maggio, DC Doctor