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Attract Customers Who Will Love You & Never Leave You

There is a fundamental disconnect between how we build and market our businesses and what our customers truly care about. As a result, most businesses are lost in a sea of sameness, spending money on advertising and marketing that doesn’t work and developing products and services that don’t meet customer needs. In this online training, we will address this disconnect and share the single strategy used by the world’s most-loved and most-profitable founder-led businesses to attract customers who love them and will never leave them, irrespective of industry, size or geography.

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Barry Chandler

Barry Chandler is the co-founder and principal at Storyforge, a strategy company that helps founder-led businesses of all sizes and industries become more valuable and meaningful to their employees, customers and stakeholders.
In the last ten years he has built three (and sold two) strategic consulting businesses and worked with more than 500 businesses from pre-revenue startups to publicly traded organizations to help them drive margins, grow market share and become more loved by everyone they work with.
Barry believes that the most successful businesses and the happiest people are driven by something bigger than products and services and more than profit alone.

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In this online training you will learn...

  • Why the way we’ve marketed, advertised and built businesses for generations is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what our customers truly care about today and how to avoid falling into this trap.
  • The single strategy the world’s most-loved and most profitable founder-led businesses focus on to attract customers who love them and will never leave them.
  • How to harness this exact strategy that our founder clients (and the world’s most-loved businesses) use to out-perform, out-innovate and outlast their competitors and be loved by their ideal customers, irrespective of your size or industry.
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