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How to be A Successful Artist Entrepreneur

This is Gilli Moon. I am an artist entrepreneur and creative business coach and strategist. I am a creative warrior. I live and breathe my dream as an artist creating awesome, hopefully awe-inspiring, products and projects for the world. But when I’m not in the studio, on stage performing, writing a song, or painting a painting, I work with artists worldwide, through The Creative Warrior Academy™ to BUILD their personal and professional dreams, to achieve their goals, develop skills, and empower them towards the life they've ALWAYS imagined. I do all of this while living my OWN dream of performing and creating.

Attend my online WEBINAR to discover my 18 steps to being a successful Artist Entrepreneur and a consummate creative warrior.

  • Assess for yourself if you have what it takes for intelligent perseverance that most people cannot summon.
  • Find out the definition of an artist entrepreneur
  • The key ingredients essential to succeeding as an artist entrepreneur
  • 18 practical steps anyone can adopt, easily, on a daily basis.
  • How to represent yourself to the people that matter.
  • How to define success
  • Learn my "3 Os"

The Webinar is awesome for any artists of all genres (whether you are a musician, songwriter, visual artist, dancer, actor, writer, you name it). And because the principles are WHOLE-istic in approach encompassing general ways to be in our lives), it applies for any business person, or ANY person.

FREE eBOOK guide provided - as part of your Webinar Registration, you will receive my complimentary eBOOK 'How To Be A Successful Artist Entrepreneur', as a guide while watching. Value $47, Free to you.
See you online!


Gilli Moon

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Gilli Moon has gone from living on a mountain in the middle of nowhere (Australia) to becoming the #1st International "Indie" Artist, to now a consummate world-class, renowned, artist, releasing products, music and writings worldwide.

Gilli Moon is an artist entrepreneur and voice for creative entrepreneurial success, having created a global community of devoted followers, empowering artist entrepreneurs, songwriters and “creative warriors”, inspired by her unprecedented DIY artist success and her unparalleled expertise.

She has provided platforms for over 50,000 artists and creators to become engaged, enlightened and empowered plus she has over 100,000 followers and fans of her own creations, music recordings and live performances as an artist. She is a self-made brand.

Her mission is to help you get engaged, feel enlightened, and become empowered. Her goal is to work with you to build your personal or professional dream, to achieve your goals, develop your skills, and empower you towards a life or career you've ALWAYS imagined.

She is truly an "artist Entrepreneur", and you can be too.

Whoever you are, whatever you want, and however you go about your lives, you will get something from this!

(More details on The Creative Warrior Academy at http://www.thecreativewarrioracademy.com)