5 Secrets Busy Professionals Are Using to Naturally Attract Their
“Dream Woman”...
Without Sleazy PUA Tactics (even if they wonder "Why would SHE want ME?!")

Brian Pippard

Brian Pippard is the founder & head coach of Date Quality Women. He’s helped men all over the world naturally attract wonderful women and find their “dream woman”.

August 12
Wednesday, August 12 12:45 AM Pacific / 3:45 AM Eastern

Let’s Naturally Attract Your “Dream Woman”. In This Masterclass, You’ll Discover…

  • Why sleazy PUA tactics don't work with QUALITY women... and the simple step-by-step game plan to naturally attract your “dream woman”.
  • How most guys who focus on dating techniques NEVER get the results they want… and the better plan to meet, attract, and charm your perfect woman - starting today.
  • The secret my mentees use to approach ANY woman ANYWHERE and create connection and INSTANT interest - online or off.
  • Why so many men end up in the friend-zone... and the 'friend-zone fix' to say "F#%K YOU!" to it forever!
  • The formula to get a HIGH-QUALITY girlfriend who values and appreciates you, even if you've had "nightmare" relationships or dated women who "aren't worth a damn".
  • AND… how to do ALL of this while improving your and women's lives, enjoying intimacy, and creating your ideal relationship!


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