The 5-Shifts Our Clients Use To Lose Weight & Love Their Bodies

(...regardless of weight or shape!)

Tuesday, August 20th 2019
12:00 PM PST — 3:00 PM EST — 7:00 PM GMT

You're Going To Discover...

  • A little-known secret to reduce overeating… and how to interrupt critical self-speak and start seeing one’s self with love.
  • Why diets don’t matter… and how to eat for one’s own unique body.
  • How to stop depending on willpower to get results and start automating healthy eating and self-care – even if there’s no time to meal prep or workout.
  • The real reason exercise is NOT a good strategy for weight loss and what to do instead.
  • The 5 shifts we’ve found to help our clients successfully lose weight and keep it off while running their busy businesses.

Presented by...

Betty Jean Bell

“Betty Jean Bell has helped successful women entrepreneurs around the world lose weight, improve their health, & love their bodies regardless of shape or weight… while still running their businesses, families, and lives.”

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