5 Simple Shifts Our Clients Use To Conquer Overwhelm So That They Can Develop A Bullet Proof Mindset (from the privacy and comfort of their own home and in as little as 1 minute)

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Andrew Scheffer aka The Wharton Monk

Andrew is a former Buddhist monk, a Wharton MBA, a Senior Corporate Executive and a father of 3. With this background, he is able to help clients live in the busy modern world with work and family pressures, in a sustainable way and that clients didn't think was even possible.

September 29
Tuesday, September 29 5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern

Get back clarity and confidence fast! During this Masterclass we reveal:

  • Why affirmations, yoga and TED talks are NOT the best strategy for increasing clarity and confidence and the go to methods our clients are using to develop a stronger, more resilient and even bullet proof mindset.
  • How our clients respond to and recover faster from challenging situations and frustrating events without feeling like they are bottling it up, about to explode, or taking on more than they can bear.
  • The secret to regaining calm and clarity during a hectic, pressure filled day, and how to do this while fulfilling job, relationship and parenting responsibilities.
  • The exact method our clients use to quiet the negative voices in their head so that they can think more clearly and make better decisions that drive revenue for their business and improve customer sales and service.
  • The secret solution our clients rely on to make their mind clear, strong and focused, without taking time off from work or changing their jobs.
  • And, how they do this even if they are super busy and don’t have a spare minute in the day.
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