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Wednesday March 21st
9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM CET

Dr. Friedrich "Fritz" Eierdanz

He is a mental resilience mentor who turned his academic research on strategies, mindsets and techniques of the world's top performing athletes into an 8-week Peak Performance Blueprint Program.

The program is designed to help his clients stay calm, relaxed and confident when under tremendous amounts of stress and pressure.

Up until now he has mentored over 160 clients ranging from Silicon Valley engineers, entrepreneurs, fund managers, lawyers, executives and e-sports gamers.
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You're Going To Learn about...
  • Learn how to fast track your ability to stay calm, confident and relaxed in stressful situations without feeling anxious, overwhelmed and close to burning out
  • Leverage the sleep hacks of elite athletes to sleep sound and deep so you wake up refreshed the next morning
  • Discover the little known technique top Formula One drivers use anticipate worst case scenarios and maneuver around them.
  • Learn how to tame your racing “monkey mind” with scientifically proven techniques
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