"How to Make a Fortune Speaking at Fundraisers"

Tom Antion

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  • Presenter: Tom Antion 
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  • Webinar: "How to Make a Fortune Speaking at Fundraisers"
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During this Webinar you will learn How To:

  • Use Fundraisers to get tons of publicity. . . meet high power producers, hosts, writers and journalists who will welcome the chance to work with you.

  • Get powerful testimonials you could never access in any other way. . . these will be your main tools for people to start calling you to do fundraisers for their group.

  • Network with influential people that love to attend fundraisers. . . Many people you would like to reach won't come out for anything. . . . but they will come out for fundraisers.

  • Structure deals so that both you and the group make money . . . In fact, in most cases you will make more than the group and if you do it like I tell you, they won't mind a bit.

  • Save people from rotting their teeth out. . . .WHAT? . . . I'm serious and you'll see what I mean on the webinar.

  • Structure and monitor the agreement so you get the biggest attendance possible. . . you don't want only three people showing up and if you aren't careful, it could happen that way.

  • Avoid disasters that could ruin the entire event . . . unexpected costs could eat up the money . . . don't let that happen to you.

  • How to find meeting space with awesome AV equipment with ZERO costs. . . almost every community has gorgeous meeting space available on a complimentary basis. I show you where to find it.

  • And Like All My Webinars. You'll Get  Much Much More...

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