Free presentation for couples with unexplained infertility

The Five Steps our Clients Use to Fall Pregnant the Peaceful Way, Using Neuroscience Principles

 (Without hormone injections, operations to collect your eggs, taking your temperatures every day, scheduling your lovemaking, cutting out all cakes and wine and putting your life and career on hold.)



July 19th

at 9:00 AM London

Presented by 

Michael Arnold BSc. Nerosci. Lic.Ac

Michael Arnold is the founder of Conscious Fertility. He has 15 years experience in natural fertility with 67% success rate for "unexplained infertility". He holds a degree in Neuroscience from University College London. He's been featured in Psychologies Magazine, Top Santé Magazine and the Daily Mail.

"Neuroscientific fertility treatment helps patients conceive naturally"- Daily Mail

"Michael Arnold is my choice. His roots are based in traditional science. He studied Neuroscience at University College London. Like myself he discovered effective alternatives to traditional methods." Yvonne Bishop-Weston, Natural Health Magazine 

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Let's get your fertility hormones working for you.

In this seminar, you'll discover:

  • How to have a baby without going bankrupt from IVF, taking your temperatures every day, and putting your life on hold. 
  • The two specific factors that IVF can't treat that may well be the reason you're not falling pregnant. 
  • Exactly how to use neuroscience principles to get your fertility hormones working for you instead of against you.  
  • How to strengthen the connection with your partner so it's loving and supportive, and no one needs to feel guilty or blamed. 
  • How to get your energy and vitality back (this is vital to maximise fertility), without going tee-total and eating nothing but broccoli.
  • How to break up this seemingly insurmountable challenge into manageable chunks, so you no longer feel overwhelmed.
  • to do all of this while experiencing a greater sense of peace and enjoyment of life.

WARNING: THERE IS NOTHING FOR SALE ON THIS TRAINING. This is 100% actionable content. You will leave with a step by step plan to get your fertility hormones working for you instead of against you, so that your chance of having a baby is greatly increased.

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Thursday, July 19 at 9:00 AM (London)

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