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How To Start & Grow A "Hyper Profitable" Accounting And Tax Practice Even If You Don't Have A License, Degree, Or Job Experience...

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"Accounting and tax practices are truly respectable, hyper-profitable businesses. This is a business that you can be proud of. That provides real value to real businesses. It's an essential service and the best part is technology has allowed people to start a firm now, in a way you never had the chance to before ...
So many people think it's an old, stuffy business. But that's because they're thinking of the old way accounting and tax practices are run. But the changes that have happened with the internet have a create a whole new valley of golden opportunities.
This shift in the landscape has changed how we can now provide these services and I would totally recommend anyone who is trying to figure out what business to start... To learn how to start and grow their own accounting firm even if they don't have a license, degree, or even job experience." - Andrew Argue, CPA

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