The 5-Step Strategy My Clients Are Using To Overcome Burnout So They Can Build A Thriving Business (Even When They’re On The Verge Of Giving Up)

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Rachael Todd
Mindset Coach and Mentor to High-Vibe Entrepreneurs

Hi, I’m Rachael! I’m a mindset expert, specializing in transforming the lives of high-vibe entrepreneurs through strategies that lead to a flourishing life, profitable business, and a balanced life. Fun fact: After overcoming extreme turmoil in my family and depression at the age of 20, I went on to become Miss United States 2017. I can Irish Step Dance and I've never met a root beer float I could turn down!

December 12
Wednesday, December 12 3:00 AM Pacific / 6:00 AM Eastern

During this Webinar you will learn:

  • A step-by-step game plan my female clients are using to end the overwhelm, have more income and energy without having to give up on their business.
  • The real reason why stifling away our emotions or working 18-hour days is the worst way to build a successful business, and how my clients are able to increase their profits even when they're taking more time off.
  • The simple secret my clients use to jump out of bed full of energy and get the confidence they need to handle the craziest of situations with grace and ease.
  • How my clients reconnect with themselves more now than they ever have before without going to therapy and the secret trick that practically makes it happen overnight.
  • AND how my clients are able to ditch the exhausting 19-hour workdays (and let’s face it, weekends too) and finally take time for themselves without feeling guilty for stealing away to a week-long retreat with their partner or family.


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