The Simple 5-Step Process My Busy Female Clients Use to Overcome Overeating and Get a Body They Love ... (Without spending hours at the gym and while still eating foods they enjoy.)

Presented By Tanya Unkovich

Tanya Unkovich is an international speaker, author and executive coach.

She has been known as “more than just a mentor”, as she has helped hundreds of individuals make deep personal transformation in their lives.

August 21
Wednesday, August 21 7:00 AM Auckland

On this free masterclass, you'll discover:

  • The step by step plan my clients are using to finally overcome their overeating, so they lose weight while stopping the destructive cycle of binging and yo-yo dieting.
  • How they see changes in their body AND their mindset, allowing them to go out and eat with friends, stay calm in social situations, and get back to enjoying their food, worry-free.
  • Why strict food rules like counting calories, cutting carbs and fasting are NOT the ways to create lasting change.
  • The pain-free methods they use to break free from their food prison and feel like THEY are in control of food, not vice versa.
  • And, how they do ALL this, even if they've struggled with emotional eating for decades.