Evan Swensen Presents

Publisher's Guide to Self-Publishing. How to Publish Your Book, On Your Own, Without A Publisher.

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Evan Swensen

Evan Swensen


You're Going To Learn about...

How can I be sure the companies I work with have integrity?

How much will it cost to publish my book?

Can my book be published with no cost to me?

Do I need a website and how much does it cost?

What about a blog, Facebook page, and other social media stuff?

How do I market my book?

What about eBooks?

How do I get my book in Barnes and Noble, on Amazon, and other booksellers?

What is a Library of Congress number and do I need one for my book?

How do I launch my book?

What is an ISBN number, is it necessary, and how do I get one?

How do I copyright my book?

And, finally, can I expect to make any money?

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Tuesday, August 20

11:35 AM Pacific / 2:35 PM Eastern

Space is limited.

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