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Ditch Wall Street!
"How to Find, Buy & Manage Rental Property for Cash Flow & Net Worth"
(while preserving your peace of mind)
Hint: You probably shouldn't buy rental property in your own backyard...

Thursday, November 23rd

@ 8:00 PM EST, 5:00 PM PST

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100 seat maximum capacity

Zack Wiest, Presenter

Founder & CEO,

Nothing For Sale

Info-only presentation
What You'll Take Away from this 45-minute Webinar...
Investing for Income & Growth
Learn how to easily achieve the 1% Rent to Value Ratio on well-located (stable) Class A and B assets. $100,000 home = $1,000+ per month in rental income.
Stability, Safety and Security
Discover a system for acquiring gorgeous, well-located single family homes priced between $65,000 - $150,000 that yield net returns of 12% - 22% a year.
Thanks, IRS! (Tax Advantages)
Learn how to legally and ethically use up to $25,000 a year in passive losses, via depreciation, to offset taxes due on earned income made from your job.
Plus, all attendees get these free bonuses...
"Ideal Investing" (39-page report)

Learn everything you need to know in this easy-to-read Ideal Investing guide. And Learn what NOT to do and what NOT to buy!

"Strategic Tax Planning" (guide)

Learn about the greatest Tax Benefit ever created by the IRS and why only Real Estate Investors can use it...

Attorney-drafted Residential Lease

We'll give you instant access to rock-solid, bulletproof, Attorney-drafted residential lease, the same one we use...

Strategic Plan Consultation

Want to see how rental property could work for you? You're entitled to a free consultation with one of our seasoned investment counselors.