Kelley Thorpe Baker
Mental Health and Wellness Coach

Bipolar Bootcamp Webinar

Learn about my Four-Month Mental Health and Wellness Program with Private Coaching

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What we'll cover in the webinar...

Strengthen Relationships

Bipolar Disorder can cause chaos in your personal relationships.
Heal and strengthen relationships that matter in your life.

Create Balance

Identify the practices that create balance in your life,
and reduce manic and depressive episodes.

Educate Yourself

You will learn about Bipolar Disorder over the four months of the program. You will identify wellness strategies that work for your unique mind and body.

Jumpstart your wellness plan

Get started with "40 Days to Wellness", where you will jumpstart your health and wellness journey with 40 lifestyle topics in 40 days.


1. Arm yourself with information

  • The importance of water (yes, water), and its affect on your brain health
  • Why you should spend ten minutes in meditation/prayer, twice a day
  • The shocking correlation between Bipolar and alcohol/substance abuse
  • Hypersexuxuality is one of the most problematic symptoms of mania

2. What you'll receive in Bipolar Bootcamp

  • Health History and Goal Setting Call, where we will get clear on the goals you want to achieve (or be well on your way to acheiving) in the next four months
  • You'll begin your program with "40 Days to Wellness" (40 Topics in 40 Days to Jumpstart your Health and Wellness Goals)
  • Bi-weekly one-on-one coaching calls for the duration of the program
  • Weekly Group Call, where we'll discuss a weekly topic (Sundays at 7:00 PM Pacific)
  • Weekly Group Q&A Call (Thursdays at 12:00 Noon Pacific)

3. Why Bipolar Bootcamp works

  • Peer-to-Peer coaching is a proven model of success
  • It takes 40 days to create new habits
  • Our complete program is four months long; ensuring lasting change
  • Kelley Thorpe Baker is a peer coach with lived experience
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