Kelly Jean Dammeyer Presents: 5 Steps My Clients are using to End the Vicious Cycle of
Binging and Emotional Eating, Lose Weight and Keep it off. (Even if they’ve struggled with it their entire lives!)

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Presented by Kelly Jean Dammeyer

Kelly Jean Dammeyer is a Certified Life Coach, Nutritionist and Master Fitness Trainer specializing in addictions and compulsive overeating.

Since 1999, Kelly Jean has been helping women all over the country overcome addictions, completely transform their health and reconnect to their joy.

January 16
Wednesday, January 16 4:00 PM Pacific / 7:00 PM Eastern

Let’s Get Beyond this Problem Fast
In this Master Class, I’ll share how to

  • End the vicious cycle of compulsive and emotional eating even if that seems completely impossible right now.
  • Quickly move beyond the underlying root issues that drive people to overeat without having to spend years in therapy or twelve step programs.
  • Gain complete control over eating and actually lose weight and keep it off for the first time ever.
  • Handle any emotion or struggle, no matter how intense, and be able to cope with it, without even thinking about eating for comfort.
  • A new way of eating to stop cravings, balance moods and burn calories without facing another fad diet or complicated way of eating.
  • And a completely new way to approach exercise, so people actually enjoy working out, get the very best results and never feel like they’re beating their body up.


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