"How to Maximize the Value of Any Speaking Engagement"

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  • Presenter: Tom Antion  
    (Rebroadcast with Tom  Answering All Your Questions)
  • Webinar: "How to Maximize the Value of Any Speaking Engagement"
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    In this super high content webinar you will discover:

  • How to raise your fee and get it.

  • How to use regular publicity and "very specialized" speaking publicity to earn more at each engagement

  • How to negotiate multiple bookings

  • How to have an array of upsells just waiting for the meeting planner to say YES.

  • How to add tremendous value to each engagement so you are always in demand

  • Solid Deposit and cancellation policies that will earn you more money

  • How to sell when you aren't allowed to sell.

  • How to work "No Fee" speeches to maximum financial advantage.

  • How to get booked at public events where you can sell large amounts at the back of the room.

  • What public events to avoid like the plague...I avoided these for about 6 years until I had proof I was ready.

  • How acting like a pro can make you more money . . . I laugh at the Divas who speak at the same events I do when I go home with their money.

  • 3 super duper bonus techniques for everyone who sticks with me to the end.

    And like every Tom Antion webinar you'll get much, much, more.