(An Approach That Works...When Nothing Else Does)


Thursday, May 28th 12:30 AM PST - 3:30 AM EST 

During This Training, You'll Discover...

  • How to reprogram the brain to become completely free of ALL unhealthy cravings, once and for all, without having to avoid any specific foods, places or situations...  

  • Why 'portioning food' is exactly the WRONG thing to do, and how my clients make faster progress than they ever imagined, by doing the exact opposite...  

  • How to train the body to release the extra weight naturally, while everyone else is wasting time trying to force the weight off...

  • The real reason why followers of Paleo, bio-hacking, and other 'clean living' approaches still suffer from uncontrollable cravings (and the simple fix that solves it)... 

  • How my clients transform their lives AND positively impact their children and loved ones in the process, simply by breaking the cycle of food & body struggles for good... 


  • to do all of this without using willpower, discipline, restrictive methods, or any other approaches that feel miserable and are NOT sustainable...

Special Note*** This training will be different from whatever you're expecting, because it goes beyond all expectations. Give yourself the gift of paying attention, and you'll receive a MUCH greater gift in return. ~ David

David Zappasodi

David is the founder of Brain Flip Weight Loss. He specializes in the most challenging weight loss cases...those who have tried every program out there and been stuck for years...and he helps them to literally create the body of their dreams, even when they never dreamed they could.  

David has been a weight loss expert for over 22 years, is an international best-selling author, and is considered an industry thought-leader because of the countless lives he's transformed through his groundbreaking approach.

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 Thursday, May 28 at 3:30 AM (Eastern)

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