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2016 Marketer Of The Year
"Rebekah is amazing when it comes to conversion! Her system is proven to work! I know, because I use it in my business.
I have even shared her system with many of my clients. If you like making more money, you will join this training!"

Vicki Irvin

Vicki Irvin International
Master My Conversion System So That You Can Increase Your High End Conversions Every Single Month! On this Live Webinar Conversion Training, You’ll Learn…
  • How to close a 60 minute call with a 60K conversion.
  • How to position yourself as “The Authority” so that you can increase your price point.
  • How to implement a step-be-step, conversion system that will guide you to the Perfect Close.
  • How to discover who your prospect is and if YOU want to to work with them.
  • How to communicate effectively how you can take your prospect from where they are, to where they want to go, so they will give you their credit card on the spot.
"Rebekah is a master at high end conversions! Her system works. When I have new high end prospects for my business, I hire her to close the deal."
- Lloyd Irvin
"Rebekah helped me understand my value, increase my price and gain more high end clients! My business is on the rise and I'm so thankful to her!"
- Tanisha Porter
"If you want to grow your conversions, then don't waste time or money on anything else. Learn this system and make more money, it's really that simple!"
- Marcos Avellan
FREE Conversion Training with Rebekah Duron, the Conversion Specialist!
Rebekah Duron is a lifelong entrepreneur and highly sought after High End Conversion

While she has built multiple, million dollar businesses, her passion is conversion and more specifically, showing you how to grow your business with a specific conversion process.

Rebekah’s clients have been able to increase their price, increase their conversion rate and make more money!

She is a mom of four and wife of fifteen years, but all of her family activities, doesn't stop her from growing her business and helping you grow yours!