"How YOU Can Increase Your Sales and ENROLL High-Paying Clients Into Your Coaching Business TODAY"


1:00 PM Pacific | 4:00 PM Eastern

Maggie Chu

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Maggie Chu is the founder and coach at YES to Coaching. She has helped coaches, consultants, entrepreneur and sales professionals increase their sales and get more clients by simply doing one thing: MASTER THE ART OF HIGH-TICKET ENROLLMENT.



Thursday, May 28th

During this FREE Masterclass You'll Learn...

  • The steps you need to take to learn how to ENROLL more clients in half the time and with LESS effort.
  • How to INSPIRE your ideal clients into action and say "YES" to hiring you.
  • The most common mistake that REPELS people from making a decision to work with you right away, and how to fix it during this webinar so you don't leave money on the table.
  • Why you are getting the common objection of, "I need to think about it" and how to finally put this deadly objection to rest.
  • The 4 key ingredients that will help you master the art of enrollment so that you can have abudant income and clients, and not have to worry about how you're going to get your next client.
  • ...Plus receive my EXACT "Sale Magnet Log" blueprint that helps me stay focused, be motivated, to track my numbers and hit my BIG revenue goal every month- FREE!