"What Women in Amazing Marriages Know..."

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I'm going to show you...

  • How my clients have turned their struggling marriages into thriving marriages....even without their husband's buy in.

  • How my clients go from cycles of poor communication, disconnection and loneliness......to being team mates and soulmates with their husbands again....even after they've already tried EVERYTHING.

  • The strategies my clients use to become valued, appreciated and prioritised every day.....even when their husbands have disengaged from solving the problem.


  • The ways my clients reignite rich, passionate, fulfilling sex lives....no matter what has been blocking them in the past.  

  • The proven system my clients use to start transforming their marriages in minutes....not years....because life is too precious to waste one more minute in an unhappy and unfulfilling marriage.  

Meg Tuohey

Meg Tuohey is a relationship expert and founder of Making Relationships Work. She has been with her husband for 15 years, married for 10, with two beautiful children. Meg is one of the most qualified people in the world to be looking after your marriage. She has a Masters of Psychology, trained under the world renowned Gottman Institute (specialists in couples research and training), and has helped hundreds of women save, revive and thrive in their marriages through her coaching and mentoring approach. She is regularly featured in print and online media as a relationship expert and is a leading authority on marital relationships.

"Before I met Meg, my marriage was headed for divorce. My husband and I were barely functional, like passing ships in the night. I felt unvalued, unseen and unappreciated. We had tried everything, counseling, weekend marriage seminars, and I had honestly almost lost all hope ... but then I came across Meg and it felt like she was doing something different, and I was sooo right. Within a matter of weeks she had completely transformed me and my marriage and changed the trajectory of my whole family's lives. I still can't believe it. My husband and I are best friends again, and I feel like I've got my soul-mate back. I am so grateful for Meg's support, wisdom, and love." -- Amy

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