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Our Clients Are Using To Build


Even if they've never invested in Tax Liens or Deeds Before!

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Todd Ashton is the Founder & CEO of Tax Lien Alliance. He’s helped investors from all over the world get amazing results with their Real Estate Investing while serving them with passion and authenticity. He is completely committed to helping you Build Real Estate Wealth with Foreclosable Tax Lien Investing!


In This Masterclass, You'll Learn...

The little-known yet extremely powerful investing strategy our clients are using to build 6-7 Figure Real Estate Investing Businesses with Foreclosable Tax Liens, even with no previous experience.
How to increase your profits on every deal by acquiring properties for the taxes owed, rather than having to pay the typical 50% - 90% of FMV.
How to earn great profits on your deals without needing to have your money tied up in properties while waiting for them to be rehabbed.
How we’re able to give our clients access to pre-vetted lists in pre-vetted areas with an abundance of inventory, providing incredible opportunity.
How we're able to help our clients obtain funds to do deals with, even if they don’t have their own funds to invest with when getting started.
The simple 4 Step Process our clients use to make substantial ROI's by purchasing foreclosable tax liens and flipping them to other investors.
How using our proprietary Property Evaluator to analyze profit potential gives you the confidence to know if you should pursue a deal or move on and find a different one.
Why the typical methods of Real Estate Investing have become so highly competitive and why this foreclosable tax lien strategy is one of the most profitable strategies to focus on right now.
How to create Real Estate Wealth from anywhere in the world, with just a Laptop and an internet connection, while working part-time hours.
Why our Results-Based Training method is so effective at helping our clients get Real, Tangible Results and how those results are completely transforming their lives.
How to do ALL OF THIS without ever having to leave your home or waste hours and hours trying to find profitable deals, only to come away empty-handed and frustrated.

“Hey Todd, I have two properties on which I was able to purchase the foreclosable liens and quiet the title for around 10k total. The fair market value is around 140k for both combined. Can you help me get these marketed?”

Warren W.

“I want to thank you, Todd, for all the help you have given me. In my first month, I bought 2 properties. I purchased one for $20,100 and the county appraiser valued it at $154,550. The local realtor recommended the sale price should be $180k-$190k since it's on 2.81-acres of land and the property is steps away from the Indian River. This has been amazing, for as little as one month after taking your course, I am able to achieve so much. Now I know exactly what to do to provide for my family without struggling. I never have to worry about my future anymore!!!”

Kathy L.

Todd, since working with you, I’ve been able to leave my job and I’m now investing full-time. I made around 80k on my last deal and I currently have around 800k in properties. I have 2 deals right now that will each net me around 20k. Thank You for helping me reach my dream of being a full-time investor."

Lisa A.

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