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So, WHAT IS Productization exactly? AND why should you care about it?

Ok, let’s start by getting the right definition. According to Investopedia and from my research the best definition is this one...

"Productize" refers to the process of developing or altering a process, idea, skill or service to make it marketable for sale to the public.

​When something has been productized it means that it has been taken from a raw or minimally developed idea and has been turned into a standard, fully tested, packaged, supported and marketed product.

For example, a person can productize their expertise by creating a product or service based on that knowledge. To productize is not the same thing as the production of a good or service.

Productization does not involve a tangible, physical good. Rather it is an idea, a process, a prototype, an area of expertise, or skill that has been developed (or productized) into a marketable and salable product.

Services may be productized, packaged and sold just like physical products.

Soooo, How Exactly to You Do That Right??

Well, There are Six Systems You Need to Think Through:

System 1: Everything Has to be on a Road...

System 2:  Blocks/Products...Very Special Blocks

System 3: Service Framework...Begin With The End in Mind

System 4: Value Based Pricing...Build It Once, Sell it Thousands of Times...

System 5: BeSpoke Equals BeBroke...

System 6: Existing Clients...Slow Roll on this One! 

I give you an overview of all six systems, what needs to be done and how you should approach getting your productized agency started! 

Host: Lee Goff

Hello, I'm Lee Goff. And I'm in business to do ONE thing: Make Agency Owners Lives Easier! 

While building my agency, I would have given almost anything for a book like this one. 

A roadmap that could provide the exact path & steps I needed to grow my agency faster, with more efficiency and less stress. Plus be able to run it in a way that did not require everything to be tethered to the agency owner; like it was in the first years of my agency. 


After spending 13 years founding, building, scaling, retiring from and then successfully exiting my digital agency... I took a year and along with two full-time employees did vast amounts of research and testing on exactly what tools, templates and system delivered results for all agencies. 

From there we stressed tested all programs with real-world agencies across the world, fine-tuned it, and.... 

I really want to hit home how important what you will be getting with this book, so I want to tell you my “WHY” …This gets personal.

After suffering a severe heart attack in June of 2016, I took some time off to recover and spend time with my daughter. 

I very soon got back on the saddle and began creating the world’s best resource for other marketing agency owners. 

That was accomplished by spending an entire year locked up in my offices with two full-time employees researching, writing, creating tools (over 75 of them) and formalizing proven systems (the roadmap) that can be easily transferable to other agencies throughout the world. 

I mean... I know what worked for me at my agency, but I wanted to know for certain if that knowledge transferred seamlessly and would it be the best for other agencies to follow, also. 

After my research and testing it with my employees, I then launched the program, and real-world stress tested the roadmap with my one-on-one coaching students for over a year.

What you are reading in this book is the latest and greatest roadmap that we developed after 13 years of ownership, 1 year of research/program/roadmap creation and 1 year of extensively stress testing everything in real-world scenarios.

You see, the stress that I endured while growing my agency had a direct impact on why I had a heart attack.

At the age of 43, that and the small business diet (whatever you can find and eat FAST) almost cost me my life — almost taking away God’s precious gift of raising my beautiful daughter, being with family and simply enjoying life.

I am on a mission to help as many agency owners as I possibly can, I do not want one single agency owner to experience what my family and I experienced.

The primary reason I was so stressed is that I was flying blind. Meaning, I did not have a roadmap to follow. It was a daunting challenge to figure out what tools and systems I needed and when I needed them.

This book is the aggregation of me setting off on that higher purpose at the beginning of 2017 and continuing until every single aspiring agency owner, or experienced veteran agency owner has their shot at living the American Dream. If you follow this roadmap, you can achieve the personal satisfaction of starting, scaling and eventually selling your agency if you so desire.

I hope you enjoy it, and most importantly I hope it gives you a few items you can implement today that will improve the quality of your health and/or life!

Nothing but the best,

Lee Goff

P.S. Thanks for reading. Now that you know all about me… you get to reap the rewards of our blood sweat and tears!

So, regardless of what types of services you offer or niche you serve, if you follow the steps in this book, your agency will run substantially smoother, it will generate higher profits, and it will allow you to delegate with confidence while spending time with friends or family.

Webinar Date & Time:

​21st ​May /  2:00 PM



About My Book:

While building my agency, I would have given almost anything for a series like this one. A roadmap that could provide the exact systems I needed to grow my agency faster, with more efficiently and less stress. Plus be able to run it in a way that did not require everything to be tethered to the agency owner; like it was in the first years of my agency. 

 After spending 13 years founding, building, scaling, retiring from and then successfully exiting my digital agency...I put together my coaching programs. This webinar series is the best of the best from 13 years of running and 2 years of researching, developing  and testing the best tools, systems and processes available to fellow agency leaders. Get your FREE COPY of my book by clicking here


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