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Thursday May 28th 

at 1:00 PM Pacific, 4:00 PM Eastern

Presented by 

Keith Evans, Founder of

Keith Evans specializes in encouraging people with Vitiligo and exploring the inner and outer aspects of healing Vitiligo.  


Presented by 

Ryan Hendrickson HHP Founder of Preventative Healthcare Coaches

Ryan specializes in reversing inflammation and healing autoimmunity naturally so his clients can acheive better health, higher energy levels AND save THOUSANDS every year on healthcare costs. 

In this class, Keith and Ryan are walking you through the 5 MOST IMPORTANT steps to stop hiding and start healing Vitiligo, See you there!"

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In 30 minutes you'll learn...

  • How to start being comfortable in your own skin as it is and walk into a room with visible Vitiligo even if it's on your face or hands.  
  •  Why Vitiligo is a warning sign of more serious internal health challenges and the real reason people have such a hard time getting rid of it.  
  •  How to stop missing real connections in your professional, romantic and family life because you're focusing too much on your skin.  
  •  How to STOP obsessing about the same fears and anxious thoughts and being a puppet of things you can't see or understand even if you can't reverse Vitiligo right away.  
  • How (MOST) Vitiligo awareness groups, hospitals, dermatologists, self-help gurus, and vitamin shop salespeople accidentally sabotage your health, and why conventional approaches to treating Vitiligo only work for some people, some of the time, and for a lot of people end up making matters worse!  
  •  AND DO ALL THIS WITHOUT Insane Medical Treatments that just cover up the symptoms, arguing wih insuance companies who don't understand our condiion, Steriods, Immunomodulators (Elidil), stressful denial about this disease AND NONE of that stuff you really don’t want to do anyway!  

WARNING: THERE IS NOTHING FOR SALE AT THIS WORKSHOP. This is 100% actionable content! You will leave this workshop with a step-by-step plan to start reversing Vitiligo naturally.

Many of our clients already had tried every remedy that's available for their Vitiligo AND people usually tell us this is some of the most valuable training they have EVER received, because of that, we typically fill up spaces in our free classes very quickly. 

This workshop will be no exception. So claim your spot below!


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