You're going to discover…

  • How the online marketing world has changed in the last 12 months -- and how you can win with just a couple simple tweaks.
  • Within the ocean of information now available online — how do you cut through the clutter and A) identify the highest-leverage activities your firm should be doing online and B) (more importantly) how do YOU break through the noise and reach your best prospects?
  • The THREE HUGE CHANGES that rocked the online marketing world in the past 12 months. Do NOT miss this webinar and risk your firm being left behind.
  • Anthony will provide you with a framework for how to evaluate your online marketing activities, as well as proven, best practices for dominating your local online market.
  • The one thing you can do to instantly build authority and credibility, becoming the service provider of choice in your local market, even if you're a complete newbie (Hint: It has nothing to do with your experience, or how much you spend on advertising).
  • A unique 3 step formula for attracting your ideal customers and referral partners, who will be happy to do business with you and EXACTLY what to say to turn them into repeat paying clients.
  • Case studies to show you exactly how to implement what you'll learn.

    ...And much, much more!