The Future of Digital Health

Digital Health is About to Enter a Unique and
Challenging Period. Find Out What it is and How to Excel

Understanding and Succeeding in Digital Health's New Age
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Are you missing vital insights that will shape your success in digital health -- whether you are with a startup, health tech firm or organization?

For more than a decade, the digital health world has been dominated by a focus on the possible rather than probable. 

Patient-powered digital fueled studies may transform medical research. Mobile may reshape patient care in unique ways.

Partly because digital health has not revolutionized health and medicine as fast or powerfully as we once thought, organizations, governments, innovators and others are taking a hard look at these technologies and asking a simple question:

What’s the best way to implement digital solutions so that they truly have an impact on the quadruple aim: improved health outcomes, lower costs, better patient experiences and boosted clinician satisfaction?"

This focus on hard, unsexy reality is helping to usher in a new age in digital health. Do you know what it is? Are you prepared to understand and succeed in this new era?

Attend this insights-packed webinar and learn:

·    A powerful framework you can use to quickly understand and communicate about digital health's past and future evolution -- and its new age

·     Hard to find insights about the fundamental forces  driving digital health innovation across technology areas that will help you confidently identify opportunities and overcome barriers

·    A unique assessment tool that will provide you with powerful insights about your strengths and weaknesses in digital health innovation (within your organization or among clients) that you can access in 5 - 10 minutes

This eye-opening session is led by Fard Johnmar, a noted digital health futurist, researcher and bestselling author of ePatient 2015: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Healthcare.

For nearly 10 years, he has advised executives, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and others focused on developing groundbreaking digital health tools, technologies, products and services at startups and large organizations like Humana the CDC and HP. Fard has also been featured in numerous media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, NPR and Forbes.

Whether you're an investor, innovator, entrepreneur, medical professional or executive, you'll find lots of high-value, yet little-known content in this exclusive, timely and information-packed free Webinar. 

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