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The Hidden Fortune In Eldercare:
2 Business Opportunities For Nurses Who Want To Slice Their Work Load In Half, Double Their Happiness, Work Part Time & Earn A Six Figures Income

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Stella Nsong

Stella Nsong, RN, CMC, CDP, LTCP

Six Figures Nurse Academy
Nurses... Join me today for information about The Six Figure Nurse Academy. I'll teach you how to love your career again and get paid what you're worth.

In this webinar you are going to:


that many of the things that you have heard about owning an elder care business is a lie… Nope, YOU DON'T need big capital, a 50 page business plan, an expensive giant corner office, a degree in business and perfect bankers and clients.


How to access 2 business opportunities that you can get into TODAY with a start up investment of a thousand dollars.


about a simple system that helps you overcome the 3 things that have been holding you back from starting your own business.


about the things to stop doing and the one thing you need to do to turn your situation around beginning today.


that the problem is NOT YOU and NO, you are not the reason that you are STUCK in trying to start or grow your business.

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Tuesday, October 27

11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern

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