How A Rookie Agent made  $165,000
in 12 months using facebook

...and the step by step on how he did

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October 27, 2020 //

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Featured Guest

Shaun Nilsson,

Shaun is the founder of and a social media titan. During this live webinar he will be taking you through how he made over $165,000 in commisions right from his Facebook wall.
His company has helped thousands of agents and brokerages across North America improve their social media presence by providing expert, consistent content that their friends and followers love.


How a rookie agent used Facebook to close 24 deals in his very first year of business and made over $165,000 

The secret of INBOUND MARKETING & how to use it to make way more money

 How to 100% systematize your Facebook marketing so you don't have to spend time on it ever again

What major factor makes INBOUND MARKETING especially critical for real estate pros

Live Q&A with the Expert.

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