The 5 keys that transform a prospect
into a paying client in one conversation (even if they haven't heard of you before)

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Nathan Ross

Nathan Ross is the founder and CEO of Elevated Selling. He's helped coaches, entrepreneurs and sales people all over the world exponentially grow their business and income.

July 12
Sunday, July 12 10:30 AM Pacific / 1:30 PM Eastern

What you're going to learn:

  • How you can easily use one powerful conversation to enroll clients at any price point
  • Why complicated sales processes are a waste of time... and the simple process we use to easily enroll new clients and customers
  • How we've developed an easy to implement strategy that allows prospects to confidently say "Yes" to working together
  • The secret our clients are using to add massive value to each selling conversation... that establishes them as the clear solution in their market
  • How to make simple adjustments that increase urgency to use the solution you provide
  • Why focusing just on just a sales script isn't a strategy for increasing sales
  • And... How our clients do all of this while becoming happier and more confident in the value they provide, while adding new clients to their satisfied customer list.


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