Making the Shift

Discover the Real Reason Your Health & Energy Has Crashed:

How the Latest Neuroscience has revealed a Complete "Game Changer"

(and what YOU can do about it without having to get a life coach, sign up for expensive retreats or remortgage)

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You're Going to Discover...

  • The reason you are feeling low in energy and are operating at less than your full potential - and the solutions to turn this around

  • How you can reclaim your mojo using the simple power of Touch to build confidence in all areas of your life

  • The bigger picture of what it means to live in the modern Traumasphere and how you can successfully adapt to it

  • Why positive thinking and protecting yourself from other people's negativity is not enough...and what to do to make a real difference to your life TODAY

  • The vital role that resilience plays in both our physical and mental wellbeing - and how to increase it for you and your loved ones

  • How people are using the latest neuroscience to transform their lives and the secret to making this change stick

  • A new and fulfilling way to connect with the people you really care about and rediscover your innate spontaneity, joy and love of life

  • The reason your motivation and drive have taken a hammering, and why it's not your fault

  • AND... Regain the health you know you can achieve by getting to the underlying root causes of your bad habits

Presented by
Gerry Pyves

Gerry Pyves: MA (Oxon), PGCE, TM, CTA, PTSTA
Gerry Pyves is a UKCP registered Psychotherapist and qualified Massage Therapist. He has been in full time clinical practice for over 30 years. Gerry has helped hundreds of clients achieve greater resilience, health and success in their lives. Gerry has developed the NeuroTouch protocols in order to bring together the worlds of psychotherapy and bodywork to bring them into alignment with the latest neuroscience of trauma.

“I find that Gerry listens attentively and doesn't judge me but instead offers encouragement and opportunities that help me to move forward to my goals at a pace that is right for me.“
Amanda Watson, Wakefield

“Gerry is able to see in me all my strengths, whereas before I only saw my weaknesses. This has transformed my life and business.”
Wendy Mills, Hereford

“I have personally been privileged to work directly with Gerry Pyves. He works with me as an individual, working with my unique strengths and weaknesses, not trying to fit me in a particular box, so that I can be the best I can be. His supportive approach has given me the confidence to be more myself, which has a positive knock-on effect in my personal life as well as my professional life.“
Samantha Beckett, Maidenhead