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“The 5-step system to CREATE A MINDSET that gives you the COURAGE to leave the career you hate and STEP INTO A LIFE YOU LOVE”



July 21st

9:30 AM EST, 6:30 AM PST

Presented by

SUSAN ROSE Happiness & Success Coach 

What Mari says about the training:

"My career wasn’t moving in the direction I wanted, but the thought of changing was overwhelming. This program was fun and the exercises were simple, but powerful. I realized what I really want AND that I’m not too old to do it! My new life won’t happen overnight, but just knowing what to do has energized me and made me happier." 

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Life is too short to be unhappy. Period. I believe living a truly happy life starts with work because that is where we all spend the majority of our time on this Earth. 

If you are unfulfilled, unsatisfied and generally bored and unhappy at work, this workshop is for YOU. I will show you:

  • The exact steps that helped me reclaim my joy — starting with discovering the kind of purpose-driven work that gives my days meaning.  
  • How I shifted my thinking and found the COURAGE to change at age 50.
  • How I identified my true dreams and desires, ensuring my career change was the RIGHT choice.
  • How I uncovered and banished the {very excellent} excuses that were holding me back from moving forward.
  • How I found the GUTS to move from dreaming about a joyful life to making it happen.
  • How I discovered the key to FINISHING WHAT I STARTED.

Do not wait another day. Today is the perfect day to reclaim your joy, find your confidence and courage, and be happy!

• DISCLAIMER • Individual results may vary. It’s important to understand a life transformation is not guaranteed. You actually have to do the work and apply the strategies if you want to experience change! This workshop offers no advice as to what an ideal career or life is—that is entirely up to you. However, my goal is to guide you through every step and help you get on the path that is right for you.

Are you ready for a happiness infusion?

Saturday, July 21 at 9:30 AM (Eastern)

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